When done right, very little work needs to be done in preparing a boat for sea the following Spring. Winterizing greatly extends the life of the power train by protecting all of its varied components from corrosion, freezing and dormancy.

Fogging the cylinders with a protective coating helps prevent rusting and corrosion. Flushing the cooling system, especially on boats that operate in salt water, prevents salt crystals from corroding the cooling passages during the cold winter months.

Draining the gear oil case, ensures that any water trapped inside won't freeze, expand and destroy the housing.

Our full winterization service can prolong engine life and prevent costly future repair bills. In addition, a full winterization will help maintain your boat's value and operational efficiency for years to come.

Here's a breakdown of our full-service winterization...

  • Protect cooling system with anti-freeze
  • Change oil, filter and outdrive gearlube
  • Remove outdrive, inspect and grease
  • Check/adjust engine alignment
  • Stabilize fuel system
  • Fog engine for storage
  • Drain engine block and manifolds (where needed)
  • Visually inspect all hoses and electrical systems

Shrink Wrap it and Protect It!

Shrink wrapping your boat is the best means of protection from rain, snow and ice during those long, cold and windy winter months. Contact Us for Rates and Scheduling