Engine Repower

Repowering a boat refers to the total replacement of your boat's existing power plant. In some cases, this even means replacing the transom assembly and drive (for I/O boats).


Why repower?

A well-designed hull can last for decades, often well past when most engines begin to degrade. However when youre engine is nearing the end of its lifecycle, if it's not operating at peak performance, or if a catastrophic failure has occurred, a repowering may be the best and most affordable option to get you back on the water. In addition, a repower will extend the years of use you get out of your boat.

Whether a repower means rebuilding your existing engine, or getting a new one, this cost-efficient option is an excellent alternative to buying a new boat or continuing expensive maintenance on an already aging engine.

There are many reasons boat owners may choose to repower their vessel. Purchasing a new boat may not be financially possible, or you may just want a more powerful engine. No matter the reason, we can help. Our trained technicians can help you decide which repower options are available for your boat.